Life Without Sleep

Me Too had a bad night last night. She had an attack of sorts that lasted for about four hours.

I gave her allergy and asthma medicine before bed, but it didn’t help much.

Around eleven, she started having phlegmy coughing spells every sixty seconds or so. Occasionally the spells were intense. She gagged several times and threw up once.

She doesn’t wake up completely every single time.

But I do.

I turned on the humidifier, kept her on her side, made sure she didn’t choke on the phlegm.

Around 3am the spells began to get further about, and by 4 had stopped completely. We both slept like the dead until 630, when Me First woke up, completely unaware of the nocturnal drama (as usual) in spite of being only six inches away.

So, here we are today. Tired to the bone, but no chance of sleep in sight before Brother goes to bed at seven.

And it WILL be seven!


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