Lies Girls Tell

Have you ever caught yourself mid-fib and then thought, “Why did I do that?”

Yeah, um, me neither.

According to Japanese TV, the ability to fib convincingly is evidence of womankind’s advanced evolution.

Little girls, according to research, are expert liars. 30% can fool a grown-up at 3, 50% at 4, and something like 120% at five-years-old. Or that’s what the girl on TV said, anyway.

I’ve noticed Me Too’s ability to fib convincingly has really improved. Or should I say gotten worse?

The other day, we were getting on the train when Brother realized he had forgotten his pass. I went to the machine to buy him a ticket, and Me Too squeezed between me and the machine, tugged on my shirt, and said. “I forgot my pass, too. Sorry, Mommy. Buy me a ticket?”

She almost had me, the tricky trickster. Children don’t even need tickets until they get to be school age, and she damn well knows it.

Oh, the injustice!

She wants one so bad. But I prefer to save my yen while I can. Time for tickets will come soon enough.


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