Reality (Vote) Check


So my planned HamakkoMommy vs. The Not So-Great State of South Carolina has been cancelled, or modified, anyway.

For a couple of weeks there, South Carolina had lost my voter’s registration. As well as re-drawing my district, conveniently limiting any effect my potential anti-establishment vote would represent. But somehow that got sorted out.

I don’t want to know, really.

And I got by my ballot.

One point for democracy!

I was worried that making a decision for the local elections would be difficult. In the past it has been hard to collect information about local candidates, and I’ve had to make decisions based on voting against whoever it was my parents recommended.

But now, it appear that every Jim Bob and Big Hoss has a web page. Sweet! Makes my life much easier.

The on-line availability of local news helps a lot, too. As does the fact that half of the positions only have one person running. I was especially entertained by the number of “petition” entrants and “non-partisan.” They aren’t Republicans, but know they’ll lose votes by labeling themselves as Democrats. This is so different than the way things used to be. I remember when we moved to one small town in a Deep South state my Dad complaining that he had to register Democrat because no one ran under the Republican title. A remnant of a nasty little thing called Reconstruction.

So doing this research on the home grown candidates, I realized pretty quickly that all I had to do was choose people who had not been in jail. Cause it seems kind of important to me that people who make laws should not break laws.

And, I kid you not, that was a factor in TWO of the positions. There was only one thing that I really needed to research.

It does make me wonder, though, how many folks made it from the Big House to the State House before the internet.


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