Fun Time

When HRH is gone during the week, the kids don’t notice much. They usually only see him for a few minutes in the morning at breakfast. Occasionally, he might come home before they are in bed, but I can count on one time the number of dinners we’ve had as a family in the past year.

That’s just the way things are for an awful lot of families in Japan.

But when Dad is gone on the weekend, they notice. They miss him. I make an effort to do something fun to lift their spirits.

This past weekend, we went to the Log House. From the outside it looks like, well, a log house. But inside there are ropes to climb and slides to slide and all manner of things to fall off of. And it’s free!

HRH doesn’t usually like to go to places like this. Most of the time there are poorly behaved, poorly watched children getting into all kinds of trouble and all over his nerves.

This time was no exception. We ended up abandoning ship for the park across the street because of one particularly evil little sprite who was staring at Me Too in an opportunistic fashion.

This park is one referred to in the Hamakko household as The Dangerous Park. There is a zip chord and a slide with a perilous ladder leading to it, as well as weird rubber nubby things on the ground (apparently they’re supposed to protect the grass) that render a mossy hill into an uneven surface frought with danger.

Needless to say, the kids like this place.

I haven’t been stupid enough to try to take them both there sans parental reinforcement before. As soon as we arrived, I began to regret this oversight.

But it worked out okay. Mainly because Me First spent the entire time having a pity party in the corner.

He chickened out at the zip chord in front of the other kids, a fate worse than death in Kiddom. To make matters worse, his little sister manned-up enough to give it a try, albeit with copious amounts of help from yours truly.

Sulk, sulk, whine, whine (I do think Japanese men are masterful Sulk Masters) and eventually Me First has found some way to blame ME for this.

He’s growing up, our little man. HRH does this constantly (yesterday it was my fault he can’t find his mail.

(-W-) (This is me with a ‘w’ in front of my face. Whatevs, dude.)

But Me First is still too little to pull that sh!t effectively, so he just got The Look and an earful of “ignore” for his trouble. We were at The Dangerous Park, after all, and I was needed elsewhere.

The afternoon ended with custard filled taiyaki and a hair raising bike ride back home. Seriously, riding anywhere near Me First is a terrifying experience. The boy has no concept of right-of-way, goes way too fast, and is constantly fiddling with the gears.

So there you have it. Another fun weekend with HamakkoMommy.


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