Party Hardly

HRH’s company had their annual Christmas party last weekend. Usually, as with all work related gatherings, he goes off and leaves us to grilled cheese sandwiches and a Christmas movie. That’s just the way I like it.

But this year, maybe it was the full moon or Olympic fever, or more likely because it was the company’s 40th year in business, the Christmas party was a family affair.

Frowny face FROWNY FACE

I hate going to anything formal in Japan. It usually disentegrates rather quickly into a whirlwind of “aisatsu” (the dictionary will probably translate that as “greetings,” but HamakkoMommy’s revised and more accurate translation would be “grovelling to hubby’s boss while he stares unabashedly at your boobs”)and completely shallow exchanges.

HRH started bugging me weeks ago about what I was going to wear.

Um… I didn’t really have a lot of options. There’s the funeral suit and the entrance ceremony suit, then there’s the rest of my wardrobe that has been to the park and to school, thrown up on, covered in pasta sauce and corn soup.

I needed to buy something. In case I wasn’t sure on this point, HRH reminded me approximately 1500 times.

But the thing is that he never aided the process in any way. He didn’t give me any extra money. He didn’t offer to watch the kids for an afternoon so I could get up to Yokohama where the nice shops are. And with sickness and wellness and Halloween and Thanksgiving (I’ve yet to recover!)and school stuff and activities and then regular stuff… Well, two days before this party I still only had a skirt to wear. I’m thinking: worst case scenario I just don’t take my coat off. Of course my coat is covered in bubblegum reside thanks to a phase Me First went through last year that ultimately involved me picking chewing gum bits from the bathtub drain with a toothpick… But we’ve all been there, yes?


The thing is that going out to the shops while the kidlets are at school takes up the whole time they’

(Oh, bugs in hell, I’ve been working on this post for days and just can’t get it finished! Too much interruption what with BOTH kids coming home from school early. Argh!)

So where was I… sucky party, sore feet from wearing heels all day… Ironic how we in the west are astonished and disgusted by the way the Chinese used to bind women’s feet, yet we continue to insist having women balance precariously on toothpicks with their knees prone at an unnatural angle is “sexy.”

I ended up getting a sweater with some pearl-like bedazzling around the neck. The party was just as awful as I figured it would be, but the kids were relatively okay.

And that’s enough of that!


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  1. Kym
    Dec 13, 2012 @ 22:32:30

    Ha ha! You looked great.
    Man, you are so right about high heels. And I was just reading an article about how women in Afghanistan are lining up for plastic surgery now – boob jobs, etc. Reeeeal liberated, they have so much to thank the West for.


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