Oh em gee, how did this week get so busy? I fell asleep last night with the kids, exhausted from an exhausting trip to the pool that involved Me First losing his bike key and Me Too losing her jacket while we searched frantically for the lost key. By the time we got back after an irritating chance run-in with MIL, I realized I’d lost my mind. Well, okay that might not have been yesterday.

Today has been a daze of running here and there, biking thither and yon, with miles to go, and laundry to do, before we sleep.

Of course one might point out that conking out with the kids at eight o’clock last night didn’t help anything. Then one might be subjected to a tirade about how if an adult was that tired then the extra sleep was time well spent. Then one might wonder if arguing with oneself in cyberspace was a good idea and consider going to bed when the cows come home again tonight.

After one gets that laundry hung.

Oh good, it’s late enough for alcohol. Should make the laundry more interesting.




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