Do you see this? This space is the result of hours of work and six bags of garbage. It means Me First has a place for a desk, which he needs really just to have a place for his copious amounts of school shit, not for studying. I have enough trouble getting him to do his homework under my watchful eye. Abandoning him to his own room is still utterly unthinkable at this moment.

There is a similar space in the living room and one in Me Too’s room, which up until now has been known as the Chamber of Secrets, for her desk which we WILL buy before she starts first grade because we have been living the alternative for two years, and I have to tell you, it ain’t purdy. She can start off in the living room and move it to hers when (not if!) HRH gets his junk out of her space.

HRH seems to be utterly incapable of keeping his overflow out of that room. Sister has been complaining about it for ages. Tonight I will brave the testosterone mine field and insist he move his shit. There’s no other space, of course, so we will have to (gasp) buy something. Desks and bookshelves are imperitive. A new couch would also be lovely.

Me First’s closet is still a mess, but that will have to wait.

I don’t know if it’s a Japanese thing or just my husband’s family, but they don’t have a real seperation of rooms. Everyone’s stuff is spread around everyone else’s rooms. The net effect of this is that MIL is the only one who knows where anything is and is thus The Finder for infinity.

I hate being The Finder. I suck at it. The sooner everyone can be in charge of their own stuff, the better!


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