Madame le Elbow Grease

Perhaps those of you who are also living glamorous SAHM lives will agree: weekends are the busiest, most work-filled times. This is a three-day weekend here in Japan, and since Me Too had a half-day following her school’s performance day on Friday, this is the first time I think I’ve sat down in four days. Yay for public transportation; I’m on the train.

If it was just the kids and me then things wouldn’t get so out of hand, but HRH hates eating out and insists on three squares every. single. day. I feel like I spend most of the weekend in the kitchen. He has completely stopped helping with anything around the house, except for occasionally cleaning the bathroom or cleaning out the fish tank.

Thank you, Jesus!

Not what you were expecting, perhaps? I don’t enjoy doing everything, and since I’m stuck with the being only-human thing, there are lots of things that just don’t get done. As long as he isn’t trying to “help,” then he doesn’t notice too much. With all that cooking, I must seem extremely busy to him, a study in hard work, Madame le Elbow Grease.

Come Monday, I’ll sit down with a big cup of coffee and catch up on all the Yahoo OMG I missed.

Until then, bon appetite. I have a stew and salad to make.



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  1. ds
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 10:34:54


    I know the feeling about weekends. There ARE some creative solutions to being a 24 hour cook, though;

    a/ Domino’s Pizza. It’s 2-for-1 pizza if you pick it up, plus an extra 5% discount if you order online. Two large pizzas, plus a caesar salad for about 3500 yen.

    b/ Hotto Motto/Bentoman/HokkaHokkaTei. Instant lunch/dinner for about 500 yen a person. Supplement with your own veggies/salad if you feel motivated.

    c/ Ohsho Gyoza King. Great variety of Chinese food, and cheap too.

    If you husband doesn’t want to eat out, then he can damn well go for take-out. It seems the height of selfishness to make demands that you aren’t willing to help realize.


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