Stupid Has No Limits

Let me interrupt the bullying fiasco to bring you yet another story starring Fucking Stupid and Irresponsible.

MIL strikes again. Or fails to strike. Allow me to explain.

Me First spent all morning drawing an imaginary dinosaur. He wanted to give it to several different people, but alas, only had time to draw one picture. He asked me to make some copies at the convenience store. Okay, I agreed, even though I had a bunch of other stuff to do.

Moms are nice like that.

When he got home, Me First was so pleased with the copies that he decided he wanted to make even MORE.

21st century kid overly impressed with 20th century technology, right? God forbid the kid ever discovers carbon paper. Actually that would probably make an excellent Christmas present.

Anyway. It was no longer only Nice Mommy at home. Me Too had also come home, and she refused to walk to the convenience store to make copies. Fair enough. She’s dressed like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. That means she would have to go out wearing sparkly yellow high heels, of course, which would make a normally ten minute walk into a drawn-out trip to hell and back.

No, thank you.

Me First said he wanted to go by himself. Let me see now….eight-year-old crossing busy street to go to the convenience store and then proceed to use a copying machine you have to pay for…. No pigs visible from our window, so….

I told him he could call his grandparents and ask if he could make some copies over there. They have a printer/scanner that you can make copies on.

Twenty minutes later, he still wasn’t home. I looked out the window and saw his head bobbing up and down nearby, so I went back in. Ten more minutes. WTF, right? I went downstairs to call him, but there was no answer.

Then I saw something blowing in the breeze.

It was the dinosaur drawing, with my phone number on it.

Dear god almighty.

Then I notice there is another one taped to the streetlight. Then another and another and another.

I finally find The Boy, and explain that we don’t tape random pictures in public places, much less on people’s mailboxes and shit, without permission. We also do not write mommy’s phone number on said pictures.

Then I see that he doesn’t have a roll of tape, but several feet of it.

He wouldn’t have gone to that much trouble on his own.

Fucking MIL. She sent him out of the house with tens of flyers and several feet of tape? Surely even she could see that this would not be a good idea, right?

After pulling all (I hope) of the posters down, I called her. I wanted to tell her that there was one more on her door, and to please take it down, but before I had a chance she launched into a

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I was watching from my window and I saw where he put the pictures. Plus it’s a windy day so they’ll just blow away.”

I was frustrated, but not I’m angry.

“You didn’t try to stop him? Did you notice he wrote my phone number on there?”

“His handwriting is so bad….it’s not like anyone could read it.”

So you didn’t think it was worth teaching the child that we don’t plaster people’s personal info all over the neighborhood without their permission. Gotcha.

Somehow I managed to get off the phone without my head exploding. Though the explosion may still happen; it’s too soon to tell.

Poor Me First apologized over and over, even though I explained to him that he is not the person I am angry at.

This kind of shit is the reason I can’t trust my in-laws to help out with the kids. Sometimes misguided individuals make comments like, “You’re lucky to have help close by!” and I just think



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  1. gaijinwife
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 12:53:14

    I still can’t believe she let that happen. Does Me First know your phone number by heart or do you think MIL told him and he wrote it down? Don’t worry, its windy, they will just blow away…. jeeze the woman is a piece of work sometimes!!


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