The Stuff They Come Up With

Is it normal for an eight year old to still be having breakdowns? Me First had a total flip out over a game of Wild Kratts yesterday. This made me wonder:

A) What the kid would do if he ever got a chance to play an actual non-PBS game


B) If the freak-out is a sign of trouble at school.

I don’t think I’ve written about the rock throwing idiocy from last week. Perhaps I’ve been trying to apply the same principles right-wingers here use with history: if you ignore it then it’s the same as if it never happened.

Unfortunately, this works no better on the personal level than it does as national policy.

So last week, I happened to peek out the window and notice Me First, Best Friend, Cute Girl from next door, and Backpack Thief walking to school together. Do you guys remember her? Not Cute Girl, the backpack stealing girl who is a female version of Lord of the Flies just waiting to be written. (Mental note: book idea No. 347.)

She was yelling at Me First and his friend to “hurry up and bring it!” I noticed the boys were putting their gloves on, even though it wasn’t particularly cold. They disappeared from view for a few seconds, and emerged carrying massive rocks half as big as they were.

I called down to see what the hell they were doing, but all I got in response were faces that looked like they knew they were in trouble.

I asked Best Friend’s mom what she knew about it. Apparently they had been throwing rocks in the river. Yes, those rocks. Yes, that river.

I talked to Me First, basically the conversation boiled down to “why we don’t do stupid stuff,” but the next day when I looked out the window, there were two huge rocks on the bench outside. They were at it again.

Time to take action.

I went outside, in my jammies with my hair all wild and free, and told the kids what they already knew, not to take big landscaping rocks and throw them in the river they aren’t supposed to go near. I also had a word with Backpack Stealer about setting up other kids to get in trouble.

Either that was effective or they’ve become more sneaky because I haven’t seen any big rocks for several days.

It’s pretty amazing, actually, the stuff they come up with.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. illahee
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 20:15:53

    i don’t know if it’s normal or not, but my eight year old has melt downs that were never that bad when he was a toddler. he also had some trouble at school earlier in the year and all i think it, is someone hurting you? are the kids mean to you? why don’t you tell me if they are? … but mostly i’m just annoyed and wish he would just do the damn homework/chore/eating already and stop wailing. *sigh* mother of the year, that’s me.


  2. gaijinwife
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 00:14:26

    OMG – can you not just get rid of backpack girl quietly and be done with it? Manipulative little bitch. Glad no more rocks ‘seem’ to be going in river. I’ll let you know about the 8 year old tantrums when he turns 8 :)


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