Riding the Controversy

It’s easy to forget about the controversial women’s only train cars when you are one of the 70% of women with children under 6 who don’t “work.” From the women I know who do work, most stay as close to home as possible and can’t get out of the house before their children do, so rarely use these trains with the ladies cars, since they are only available on trains arriving at Tokyo before 930.

But today, both kids are off school and we are going to an early morning. Great chance to ride the controversy.

I’m clearly out of the democratic these cars are intended for. Everyone else is either a student or near the end of their middle years.

These trains are meant to protect women from groping, which is, sadly, a problem on public transportation here. But it also means the car doesn’t smell of smoke and sake; there’s no one reading soft porn or questionable comics.

But it doesn’t mean that anyone gets up to let a kid sit down, or that they treat kids with less than distain.

Both kids home and in need of entertainment… Will be lucky to get any blogging done. Or anything else, for that matter.

How can there be so many things to fight about?


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