Watch Me Jinx It

Tomorrow is the first day in months that I don’t need to get up early.

And I’m pretty sure I just jinxed myself.

HRH isn’t home yet (it’s almost 11,) so I’ve spent my alone time very productively. I boiled eggs for dyeing tomorrow. I made dough for hot cross buns on Sunday. I finished watching Wife Swap and Super Nanny episodes that I started ages ago. Yeppers, all very worthy activities.

Both kids are on spring break now, and I guess I don’t have to tell you that getting anything done around the house, or at the grocery store, or at the bank, or at the post office, is suddenly about a million times more challenging than it was a week ago. But mostly it’s the house stuff that’s hard.

Cause, you know, I just don’t want to do it.

This morning, the children were playing this really weird (possibly Easter Bunny inspired) game where Me Too was a rabbit and Me First was the hunter. His weapon of choice was a trap, made from a pair of swimming goggles. They have a removable nose strap, which he took out and promptly lost, so now instead of being sports equipment the goggles are a long piece of rubber with an eyepiece attached to each end.

I mean, really, what more could a boy ask for?

He spent a good portion of the morning hiding under the covers with one hand on one eyepiece, the other eyepiece sticking out from the futon and yelling, “Baby Bunnnnyyyy! I smell carrot cookies!”
At which point Me Too comes hopping in the room, steals the cookies and wrestles with the hunter for a bit, but inevitably gets away and hops back to her room.

On one particular round of this game, she couldn’t get her door opened, pesky round doorknob, (All the other doors have either lever-like handles or are sliding fusuma doors,) so she yelled to me for help. I had my hands elbow-deep in the dishes, so I told her to try again. She walked back to the living room, hopped down the hallway again, and then managed to get the door open herself.

“Never mind!” she called.

Of course by telling her to try again, I hadn’t meant the hopping start part…. I had a good internal laugh over that. I guess she thought she needed to build up speed to turn the doorknob….

So with all this rabbit business going on, I couldn’t put the futons away, which meant I couldn’t really get started on everything else I needed to do today, but how often do you get to have a rabbit hunt in your house, right?

We spent the morning at Park A, ate lunch and did the shopping, came home to rest and snack, and then spent the afternoon at Park B. Park B is bordered on one side by a line of cherry trees that are in full blossom now. When the breeze picks up, the pale pink petals are blown about like a delicate pink snowstorm. The children, big and small, squeal with delight, cover their heads with their hands while a pink whirlwind swirls around them, then pick pink petals from their hair and clothes. Today they gathered petals into buckets and shovels and cups and thermoses, throwing them at each other and pretending to run away when the throwing came their way. Me Too had his pockets full of them when he came home.

Of course the picking of petals from the ground and throwing them about resulted in lots of non-petal specimens in hair and everywhere, so everyone had to have a good scrub down before bed tonight.

But it was a nice afternoon, with surprisingly little quarreling. What a nice change from The Usual.

It’s nice to have the kids when they are at their best, not too tired or too hungry or too stressed or too. ..Too.

That’s one of the sad things about when they start school. The time that they are at home is not a time when they have their best face on. It is the time that they have to. Have to get ready, have to brush their teeth, have to leave on time, have to do homework, have to eat dinner, have to take a bath, have to go to bed. And I hate what all this having to turns me into, the Master of the Clock.

A history teacher mentioned to me once that one of the big changes brought about by the industrial revolution was how it enslaved mankind to the clock. Before then, I guess most people were their own master. You got up when you needed to, and finished when you were done. What a hard transition that must have been, and how utterly illogical it must have seemed.

The idea of freedom from The Clock has intrigued me for a long time. But perhaps we modern cavemen are even worse off because we are also enslaved to The Mobile Phone.

But that’s enough waxing poetic for today. ‘Night, everyone.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 08:16:59

    oh, that rabbit game is priceless. I smell carrot cookies little bunny….. MWAHAH – what great imaginations. Sounds like a nice day.


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