Easter 2013

Maybe it comes with living in a foreign country, or being part of a minority religion, I don’t know, but I go out of my way to make holidays more traditional than I probably would if I were living in the states where I grew up. They say immigrant communities tend to be more traditional, don’t they? Maybe this is what they mean.

Thanksgiving is mostly food, and Christmas is easy enough (though expressing the Christ part can get kind of hairy,) but Easter is really, really a non-event here. They now have a parade at Tokyo Disneyland. Hoo-freaking-rah. That helps. Five years ago, no one knew anything about it.

Procuring the necessary goodies and plastic eggs takes forethought and preparation, which are not exactly my strong points. And Easter, with her date switching every year, has an unpleasant habit of sneaking up on me. But this year, I started a month ahead of time searching for some decent baskets. The ones we had from the Foreign Buyers Club were not meant to be used long term and have completely fallen apart. I found two great baskets at a hole-in-the-wall kind of wicker shop near the entrance to Motomachi. I may very well be the only living being to have wandered into that shop for thirty years. But the baskets are great.

HRH passes a foreign foods store on his way to work every day. After much nagging and prompting, I got him to actually go inside, where he found some chocolate rabbits. Score.

He then forgot to buy anything for White Day, and busted out the chocolate bunnies. I mean, really? I managed to convince her to put them in the fridge so they wouldn’t melt, and she eventually forgot about them.

After determining that HRH was useless in this effort, I headed out to another foreign foods store where I managed to find two kind of Easter candy and the last bag of plastic eggs. Enter a little help from Amazon, the hundred yen store, and I bring you Easter 2013.


The plan was to go to church this morning, but I had stupidly arranged for Me First’s desk to be delivered this morning. See what I mean about the sneaking up on me? If Easter was a set day of the year or at least on the calendar here, that wouldn’t have happened. Let me say that out loud one more time so I can believe it is someone else’s fault…. Okay done.

We made Easter eggs yesterday, and I put the hot cross buns in the oven last night. It took a while since my oven is so small, I could only bake four at a time. And then?


Come on! We can eat more than that! Next year, I think I’ll just let them make the crosses with a chocolate pen instead of doing it the old fashioned way. Cause that is what we all need on Easter, right? MORE chocolate. My kids are prostrate on the floor now after over indulging.

I guess that’s how you learn, though.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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  1. Susie
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 02:50:45

    If I could I would shop the stores for you and score half off goodies for next years Easter. So much stuff is on sale right now.


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