Yesterday, I was going through pictures from Me First’s elementary school entrance ceremony for a post I’m writing for World Moms Blog.

It was only two years ago, but MAN has he grown. In the pictures, he’s just a little boy in a too-big suit, with one front tooth missing and the other one barely hanging on. But at the time, he seemed so big!

I always feel like that, looking through his stuff. My expectations are always too high. I’m always too hard on him. I have a tendency to see him as too much of an adult, I guess. And I suppose it’s no wonder, since compared to his sister he is just so…big. And most days, he’s the only semblance of help I have.

But I need to make more of an effort to step back and really see him for what he is, an eight-year-old boy who loves to climb trees and pretend he’s a monster.

I’m pretty sure that junior high is gonna rival the pits of hell for him, and I really want to connect, to build a more secure foundation with him, before we come to that bridge.

But then again maybe it’s too late, considering that Me Too told me “You’re humiliating us!” when I was singing as we walked to the station this morning. Harsh words from a preschooler.


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