Unwritten Rules of City Life

It’s not like there’s nothing going on; I don’t know why I haven’t been writing. Last week was Golden Week here in Japan. There’s nothing particularly golden about it. The powers that be took the old emperor’s birthday, made up another holiday to bridge the gap until Children’s Day on the fifth, then passed a law that gives everyone Monday off when a holiday falls on a Sunday, and voila! You now have several days off so GO SOMEWHERE and SPEND MONEY.

Yokohama and the surrounding area seems to be a popular tourist destination. So everything is crowded and we avoid going anywhere. These aren’t your regular city folk crowds. Lots of people from the countryside come in, and god bless them, they mess shit up because they don’t know the unwritten rules. Don’t stand to the right on the escalator, that’s for climbing, and if you stand there no one can pass. Know what you want to buy before you get to the front of the line. Don’t stop at the top of the escalator, or when exiting the ticket gates unless you want to be trampled. Don’t make eye contact. The elevator is not for people who can walk. Line up for the train in two lines. Stand to the side when the train arrives, and let the people getting off go first. When you are on the train, don’t block the doors. Don’t take pictures of foreign kids. Really, stop!!

(Some random girls just sat on either side of me and tried to take a picture with me without asking. Good grief. They seemed pretty shocked when I told them, ご一緒ですか?席を代わりましょうか?Nothing outlandish, mind you, just asking if we should change seats so they could sit together. This is how you tell Japanese girls to knock that shit off.)


We spent most of the week at or near home. It was probably quite relaxing for those family members who were not continuously cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry. HRH put out laundry one day, ONE day, and I did everything else all week. And then he wonders why we can never manage to leave the house before ten… It’s a massive job, trying to feed and clean and organize and predict what everyone needs. Me Too isn’t at the stage yet where she can wait for lunch or just eat wherever. Same for the potty. So if I suspect someplace is gonna be crowded, then it’s better to bring lunch. Which of, course I have to make, which then makes us even later leaving the house. Vicious cycle, rah rah rah.

And I’m tired of writing now, so I guess that’s it.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable holiday!


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