Rain Rain

Rain, rain go away.
Never mind, everyone seems happy enough to stay at home. I guess if it was destined to rain, today wasn’t a bad day for it.

The kids got up early, god only knows why, and we went to English school in the morning. Then it was lunch, then home to watch a movie.

Everyone seems tired and happy for an excuse to just lay around. HRH got home after midnight, and the kids haven’t quite recovered from their field trips yesterday.

Rest while you can.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, which means MIL will expect us to take her out. I don’t know how many of the motley crew will be joining us, but I’m sure the day will end with some combination of tylenol and alcoholic beverage. Just not sure of the order yet.

I think I’ve convinced MIL to go for a morning tea instead of a meal. No one can ever agree on where to eat, and MIL won’t choose even though it is supposed to be for her.

There’s only one nice tea place nearby; it’s been kid-tested AND I have a coupon.

Win win.


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