Boy vs Beetle

We noticed Missy, formerly Me First’s beetle larva (until we realized the other beetle, formerly known an Flower Hedgehog, was actually a male and the children wanted to trade,) was digging up out of her dirt burrow the other day. We prepared an aquarium type home for her, opened the container she was in, placed the open container into the aquarium, put out some food for her, and left her to it.

Yesterday, I noticed the burrow had collapsed in on itself, but I didn’t see the beetle anywhere. How horrible, I thought, to have come this far and have no adult insect to show for it! We noticed this morning, though, that the dirt was moving. Sure enough, Missy had emerged.

HRH gave Me First strict instructions not to touch her. Apparently they are quite delicate at first, or so says he he knows jack sh!t about nature.

About ten seconds after HRH leaves, I hear Me First’s blood curdling scream coming from the genkan. Of course this is where the beetle is, but you already knew that. I rush over to find Missy clawing onto Me First for dear life. He couldn’t pry her off.

They should really give you a special handbook when you give birth to a boy. Chapter 1: how to clean little wee-wees. Chapter 2: how much blood requires a trip to the ER. Chapter 3: how to remove giant beetles from your son’s hand.

I ended up prying her off with a stick.

She borrowed into the dirt of her new home, and we haven’t seen her again today. That hasn’t stopped Me First from investigating her container a million times, of course.

So Round One goes to the bug. I *hope* there are no more clashes between bug and boy, but I also hoped I would never have to watch Power Rangers again, and that didn’t work out so well, so….


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  1. gaijinwife
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 19:57:07

    LOL – of course that wont be the last of it! We have escaping beetle every year that, strangely enough, usually emerge from behind shoes in the genkan – its like the most dangerous but closest place to freedom in the house. Today in the house we have a gecko, which hub and Shou fed a couple of grass hopers to, and a crab – that Marina has given an entire piece of bread and therefore I fear it might die the crab version of gluttony.


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