Like a Snail

Me Too told me this morning that she felt slimy, like a snail.

I knew exactly what she meant. She’s had a cold and is basically a booger factory with legs.

We found a snail the other day, and a big one at that, oozing his way across the sidewalk in the rain. It was fun to watch, though whether or not it was worth getting soaked through for is debatable.

I’ve been feeling rather snail like myself, oozing through the days, but I don’t have time to focus too much on my own cold when the littlies aren’t feeling fantastic, either. Kind of amazing how demanding they become. Too bad we don’t all have a nice shell to retreat to, “Leave me alone today, world!”

HRH has been gone the past week, and his coming home today is not great timing. Hopefully he’ll be the mild mannered version of himself.

I had this odd dream last night that I woke up in the middle of the night with my kids beside me, but with my ex-boyfriend on the other side, not my current husband.

And I was relieved.

He certainly had his flaws (hello? smoking, cheating, and getting other girls pregnant,) but he was a slob who didn’t care about keeping things clean.

I woke up, disturbed and confused, and frankly quite happy that neither the ex nor HRH were there.


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