My First Million

There was a case in the news here in Japan recently, where a judge ordered a woman to pay close to a million dollars for an injury her son caused when he hit an older woman while riding his bike at breakneck speed down a hill.

The boy was ten at the time.

Now, of course I don’t know all of the details. The woman was injured gravely and has been in a coma for close to five years.

The judge said there was no evidence that the mother had taught her son about bicycle safety.

This is the part where I go,


(The other part that makes my eyebrows rise to new heights is that a third of the money is going to the woman’s family to care for her, while two thirds are going to her insurance company.)

Kids do the dumbest things sometimes, things so confoundingly ludicrous that any semi-sane person over the age of 25 would be incapable of conceiving of such craziness.

Case-in-point: (you knew one was coming, right?) Today on our way to the grocery store, Me First rode his bike head on straight into a tree. He didn’t slow down or try to swerve or anything. I made sure he was okay, then I asked him what happened.

He told me that he had become pretty good at walking with his eyes closed, so he thought he would try riding his bike with his eyes closed.

Cause this seems like a plausible thing to try when you are an eight year old boy, apparently.

I guess I need to start saving my money, cause I have a feeling a million dollars may not be enough….


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