Haven’t written for a while, sorry. I’ve started posts just about every day, but can’t seem to get the end.

It’s because the kids are out of school. Even when it’s good, we’re balancing on the precipice of total madness all the time.

Does not help that Me First is overloaded with homework. There’s the 16 page workbook, the daily diary, the book report, the ten-book reading list, the worksheet folder, and something else I forgot. Me Too has homework, too, but it it’s mostly mazes and stickers.

Then there is the dreaded Radio Taiso, ten minutes of Roaring Twenties style calesthenics to the rousing notes of the piano.

At 6:30 am.

frowny face frowny face frowny face

We only managed to go twice this week, though there was one other time Me First went by himself. Then since it’s home for homework then out to the pool or something, it is just too much. The kids were overtired by evening and not sleeping well. So we’ve been skipping.

That’s all for now



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