This may be a shameful thing to admit, but I’m much more productive when I have a lot to do. When it’s Japanese stuff, school meetings, etc., I find it stressful.

But this week has been more English-based stuff. A fellow foreign mommy friend put together a kind of mini day camp for the kids. So far we’ve done a games time and a cooking class. Then yesterday we went t what my children refer to as “kids book club,” where we do a few activities and choose some English books to take home.

Today, we are going to the embassy to renew Me Too’s passport. Not that such a thing counts as a fun trip, but I don’t feel as worked up about it compared to the myriad of experiences I’ve had dealing with Japanese bureaucracy. I know I have the right paperwork, filled in correctly (knock on wood.) The clerk probably won’t look at my face and assume I don’t know what I’m doing, or start speaking loudly peppering his speech with what he thinks is English words and making the whole process take longer than it should. He or she will probably not cross through my forms because the handwriting is bad, or question if I am sure I live in Kanazawa-ku and not Kanagawa-ku.

But anyway

We’ve been coming and going, being out and about a lot. That means I’ve had to be much more organized, planning meals ahead of time, scheduling cleaning time and sticking to it.

And-lo and behold-I’ve been getting it done. I just function better when I have a deadline to meet, apparently. Too many hours alone while the kids are at school really mess with my head.

But overplanning isn’t good, either.

It’s nice, though, having the kids with me when they are at their best. During the school year, it feels like I only have them when they are hungry and tired.

Next week, I may feel exhausted and horrid, but for now, I feel productive.

It’s nice.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 23:13:38

    so true. SOmetimes I schedule play dates just so I have an actual deadline for the house work!


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