Adventures in Conversation

Stuck at the inlaws while HRH finishes his stupid conference call. The kids are so tired from running around with a friend all morning, and I’d really like to put them to bed (∋_∈)

My PIL and POSBIL have been arguing about the stupidest shit imaginable; one cannot help but be amused. I should really translate it and have some actors reenact it in English.

PIL: It’s hot enough to fry an egg out there!
POSBIL: That isn’t really possible. Are you stupid or something?
PIL: You’re the dumbass! If you crack an egg on a black car’s bonnet then it would fry.
Me: (mental note that they call the car hood a bonnet in Japanese. Good to know.)
POSBIL: It’s like this. It needs to be 60C to make an onsen tamago (egg where the yolk is cooked the white is still runny.) You could do that inside the car but not on the bonnet. You hard headed old geyser.
Hard headed old geyser, I mean PIL: I don’t like onsen tamago. (To wife) Rice! Where’s the rice?! Me First: Ooo let’s make eggs in a car!



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