Me Too had her birthday celebration at preschool today. Once a month, the kids who were born that month and their mothers are called into school. They get a present made by their classmates and a special performance (often a puppet show) from their teachers.

I was getting a very cool reception from the other mothers this morning. Payback for missing the meeting on Monday, I suppose. I warned Me Too’s teacher that I wasn’t feeling well and may have to leave early. (Am actually feeling better but had a funny tummy this morning. Do NOT want to try that in the tiny preschool toilets!) After the classroom part of the morning, Me Too’s teacher came and thanked me for staying even though I wasn’t feeling well.

I’ll write another post some other time about the Japanese tendency to come to work or school (or PTA) even when they are sick. I guess I displayed the proper samurai (or is it kamikaze?)spirit, because suddenly I was in everyone’s good graces again. And just when I was wondering how far they’d take the ignoring thing…

After the presentation part, there was a parents’ meeting in the auditorium. I thought about ducking out and going home, but decided to stick it out. This is the one parents’ meeting I look forward to because, released from the constraints of playing nice in front of classmates’ mothers and teachers, the other moms do not hold back. It’s like a twenty minute bitchfest free for all.

And it’s interesting, the stuff they complain about.

Even better, I didn’t realize that there are so many September birthdays that we skipped the whole “everyone give a boring comment” bit and get straight to the whining.


Today’s complaints were: don’t want children having unhealthy birthday snacks (principal came back with that it must be something prepackaged because they had problems in the past,) that the amount they are eating for birthday snacks is too much (true,) wanting a discount for siblings (yawn. We hear this every year. They get more money back from the city for siblings, so complaining about having to pay the same amount as everyone else doesn’t garner much sympathy,) complaining about the summer homework and complaining about having to come to school more than once in the same week. (Those are valid complaints, but since elementary school does the same thing, I think it’s a systematic attitude that there-is-always-a-parent-at-home and not only a problem with just the preschool.)

Funnily enough, no one complained about the new $100 promotion fee that was deducted from everyone’s account with no notice, or that the school changed the designated evacuation spot, didn’t tell us, leaving us to hear from the kids after the fact.

Interesting priorities, right? Wish they served beer instead of green tea.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 09:15:53

    beer instead of green tea. Now that would really get the bitchfest going. Deducting that much money without telling you is criminal, surely. Bastards.


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