Barbecue World Tour

We’ve been in the states now for almost two weeks, on a trip I’ve come to call The Barbecue World Tour. I mean, there was that whole my-brother’s-wedding-thing, but what I can write about here is the B B Q.

Unless you also were the child of a preacher boy and moved around small towns in the Deep South, perhaps you don’t realize the variations of barbecue that flavor the small towns across the Bible belt. (Which reminds me, don’t go for lunch on Sunday. Or get there early enough to beat the church crowd.)

Of course there is the pulled pork, red sauce barbecue, that most of us think of when we hear the word “barbecue.” Unless of course, you grew up with the east Carolina vinegar barbecue (like I did.) It’s simple. It’s amazing. It’s awful hard to find outside of a few counties in what used to be ‘backy (tobacco) country. Last time I was there, they’d replanted a lot of that in cotton, creating the quiet whiteness of midwinter in the midst of summer’s heat and humidity. But that was twenty years ago if it was a day. The cotton fields may all be parking lots or strip malls now.

We were in Charleston for a week, and before we left I needed to try the Low Country mustard sauce.

Really. This was a physical need.

Okay, so not really, but a chance to try a new barbecue flavor was the only way I could mentally justify the thousands of dollars I would spend on this trip.

In two short weeks, we managed to check off the east Carolina vinegar, Low Country mustard, standard red, and Texas-style brisket barbecue. Awesome. And somehow I lost two pounds in the process. Guess all the digesting was hard work.


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  1. Susie
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 00:02:37

    Oh my I am drooling, looking at my breakfast smoothie with spiteful eyes. I wish I could transform it into a big piece of meat. Where I am from our BBQ is all dry rub, I live in Santa Maria which I am told is famous for it’s tri-tip and Santa Maria Style BBQ. But growing up all my life around it, I sorta doubt it’s fame. I would love to try some BBQ with vinegar sauce, that sounds simply amazing.


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