Me Too had an asthma fit last night. We used the inhaler for the first time, with good results.

But maybe I waited too long to give it to her or..or..if..if… She ended up with an awful barking cough this morning. I took her to the doctor first thing, and it turned out to be croup. She had a breathing treatment, was slightly better for like five minutes, but by lunch time it was awful again.

What makes me the saddest about all of this is that in spite of how obviously miserable she must feel, and I remember the pain that comes with a croup-y cough, she doesn’t complain. To her it’s just… normal.

I took her for another breathing treatment this afternoon, and have another one scheduled in the morning. This is the ONLY good thing about her doctor. He has the machine, and he ain’t afraid to use it. He’s close enough that going twice a day is a possibility, and the treatment is 190yen a pop. That’s like $2 US. I can’t help but shake my head in misbelief, even after living here for more than 13 years. (How the hell did that happen, btw?)

I do still plan to take her to a specialist. Maybe when the current crisis passes.

Tonight, so far, is quieter than last night (fingers crossed.)

HRH has a man cold, but it’s totally overshadowed by Me Too right now, So. There. I have a sore throat and headache, too, but I still biked the kid to the pediatrician twice, cleaned house, cooked three meals, took the other child to a karate test, and performed various other wonders of the miraculous variety. Eff the stupid man cold, already.

Coincidentally, last night we read The Berenstain Bears Sick Day, all about how busy Mama Bear was when Sister was sick. (Of course Mama didn’t have to hang out laundry or beat futons, but still.) At the end, Mama catches Sister’s cold and Papa Bear says he will stay home the next day so “Mama can have a day home from home.” Next time I get married, I’m looking for a man like that!


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