I haven’t blogged in a while. Just got kind of…distracted.

Me Too was home from school all week. She felt okay, but was coughing a lot, and they won’t let me leave an inhaler at preschool, so I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving her. And we were running back and forth for breathing treatments every day, which would have made her late. And I’m just lazy sometimes, so there.

She’s still a little phlegmy this week, but back at Ye Olde Schoolhouse and doing crazy shizit at home (see little pic of her climbing on the counter.)

But what really distracted me last week was cleaning.

I’ll wait so you have time to recover from your shock.

Okay now?

I signed up for this free ‘Holiday Havic Bootcamp’ thing where we got an email with mission every day for a week.

Once I started cleaning out all the clutter and crap from our house, it became a bit of an obsession.

We don’t have much space, so how did we collect so much STUFF?

There’s still a little bit more to get through, and all of HRH’s stuff (even I am not crazy enough to try to come between a grown man and his piles of important stuff.) But I feel better, more in control.

I’ve managed to keep the counters clear (except of children) and kept crap from collecting on the kitchen table. That’s a constant battle, btw!

Hoping not to fall back on old habits and keep things in better shape from now on.


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  1. Cecilia
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 22:09:38

    Our clutter was absolutely out of control when we lived in Japan…even though we lived in a 3 LDK we ended up using 2 of those bedrooms as warehouses/throw-in-closets…I will need to look up this bootcamp. We have a bigger house in the US now but the clutter issue hasn’t gone away!


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