Bedlam at Breakfast

I grew up eating a pretty typical American breakfast. Most days were cereal, maybe a pop tart (but of course we never got the Kellogg’s kind, so I guess I should say “toaster pastry.”) Sometimes there might be biscuits or grits, on the weekend maybe pancakes or zucchini bread. During one of Dad’s OCDesque episodes we had fresh bran muffins every day for a month.

HRH, on the other hand, grew up eating fish and miso soup, rice and whatever else was leftover in the fridge. There aren’t really any foods set aside here and deemed Breakfast Food. Damn near anything goes.

Perhaps you can already sense my conundrum.

Breakfast is the meal we battle over most. At lunch, an education professional gets to wrangle the kids into eating. At dinner, there isn’t really a time limit. Breakfast has to be on the table by 0630 and gone by 0700. I don’t feel like eating too much myself, and I sure as you-know-where don’t want to haggle with children over eating their vegetables.

But, alas, HRH is stronger willed and a stubborn mofo so, most days, he gets his way. When he leaves the table to start his beautification routine, I usually let the kids chuck whatever is uneaten.

I do try to make breakfast kid friendly, so we have lots of donburi type dishes or sandwiches,something they can shovel in without noticing the veggies too much.

This morning was oyako don (chicken and assorted veggies in eggs on rice) and miso soup. HRH also had a banana and yogurt. He tried to make me and the kids eat that, too, but we were having trouble just getting through the main dish.

Used some of what was leftover in Me Too’s bento, so I also have a gratuitous bento shot for y’all to enjoy.


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  1. Jenni
    Nov 26, 2013 @ 13:13:59

    Looks tasty, although I’m a cereal girl, myself. Too drowsy in the morning to handle knives/fire.


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