Pie of My Eye

Today is Saturday. Supposedly that is a day off. But today, Brother had school and a presentation we had to go watch second period, meanwhile Sister’s school had an exhibition day where the classrooms are set up like a museum displaying the children’s artwork. The auditorium is transformed into a craft workroom, and large papers are strung from the play equipment so kids can paint in dynamic fashion. But it’s only open from 10:30 to 12, so after seeing Me First’s presentation, there was no time to make anything.

Never fear, gentle readers, the kids and I can go back tomorrow. But HRH could only go today, so that’s why we busted butt to get to both today.

Brother had regular classes and lunch at school. I convinced the in-laws to take us out for lunch. Me Too was absolutely thrilled to have the undivided attention of four adults. I don’t think it’s ever happened before.

After lunch it was the regular chores: grocery shopping, cleaning. Me Too has been nagging me to make an apple pie for ages, and since MIL is making dinner tonight and Sister asked me when we were right by the frozen pie crusts, I relented.

But I must stop and register my displeasure with the crap that passes for pie crust in this country.

Just ick.

I almost always make it myself. Which may be why we only have pie like twice a year.

Me Too insisted on the “snowflake” design on top. It was against my better judgement, having ruined many an apple pie in the past with a regular crust. But then I realized she’d been “helping” by pressing and pulling at the bottom crust already in the pan until parts of it were almost translucent. This pie was already in trouble. It may as well look pretty.


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