Vacationed Out


*This is gonna be a long, bitchy post, so if that’s not your thing, stop reading now, nkay?*

Thank the lord HRH has gone back to work today. I can restore some semblance of order to the house and some consistency of discipline for the children. The man is just absolutely all over the place.

But most importantly I can control where we go, what time we come home, and make sure we don’t stray ridiculously from the plan.

Yesterday was just a nightmare on several different levels, and I think I could not have maintained my patience for one more minute if HRH had been home again today.

The problem started three days ago. HRH told Me Too he would take her to
Bornelund. Then he changed his mind and said we could go the next day. Little did I know at the time that he was secretly planning to dump us and spend the whole day watching football on TV. That meant I ended up hauling the kids and all their stuff to English school, lunch, and then Bornelund, an agenda I would not have agreed to undertaking on my own.

MeFirst was a pill through lunch. Me Too cried for an hour when I wouldn’t take her to Toysrus after playing at Bornelund. We got home to find, of course, that HRH had not done anything around the house and had in fact strewn dirty dishes and a variety of clothing all around the rabbit hutch.

So come yesterday morning, I was tired. I also had a sore neck and a nagging pain beneath my shoulder blade from carrying stuff and crying children.

After making breakfast, doing laundry, supervising homework, dressing children and brushing teeth, etc., while HRH laid in bed and then watched TV, he suddenly announces that we are now going to Ueno. (>_<)

That's an hour and a half away. I explained that my neck and shoulder hurt, but he swore I wouldn't have to carry anything. Fine, okay. Have snacks, will travel.

We get to the museum in question, which looked pretty cool. Until we rounded a corner and Me Too saw a Shishimai, the red-faced, green-bodied Chinese lion/dragon hybrid that are prevalent here the first week of January.

Me Too is deathly afraid of these things. She screamed bloody murder and jumped into my arms. We waited in the lobby for thirty minutes or so while HRH and Me First abandoned us and went on to enjoy themselves. Eventually HRH came back and offered to carry Sister through. Then handed me the bag of heavy stuff.

On the way home, HRH wanted to stop at a bookstore. I explained that Me Too was tired after her freak out and off schedule after a late lunch. Stopping would risk her needing a snack and another breakdown.

So he offers that the children and I can wait outside and he'll go to the bookstore. It was 7゜out! No effin' way.

Of course he takes an hour. Of course we then end up searching for a place to have a snack at Tokyo Station aka the most crowded place on earth. Of course Me Too ends up having a breakdown anyway and wanting to be carried. Of course HRH has walked on ahead, as is his habit, and doesn't notice. When he finally looks for us, he relieves me of the overtired little human burden but hands me the original bag plus a bag of books instead.


I spent the night sleeping fitfully with a very painful shoulder.

And basically every day of winter vacation was some variation of the same bullshit.

So I am over it! Bring back the regularly scheduled programming

Ah, but now Me Too has just given me several little, thin-lipped kisses and told me I taste like bubblegum, so suddenly I am feeling much lighter.


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  1. bri65
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 18:53:53

    I love your writing. I’m amazed at your patience. I hope your neck is lots better. And yes, sweet little kisses from sweet little ones do go a long way toward lightening the spirit. Hang in there!


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