Cold conundrum and little dreams

My god, is it cold in The Hama today. Not like polar vortex cold, but cold enough that I’m wondering whether hanging out the laundry will result in frozen undies or not.

But that sounds kind of cool (pun!) so I think I’ll go for it and see what happens.

Yesterday, Me Too and I were talking about what kinds of jobs people do. I asked her, very delicately because this question has caused her much anxiety and shrieking of “I don’t know yet! What should I doooo?!”, what she thinks she might like to be when she grows up. Her answer was …..


Cue images in my head of converting one of our bedrooms into a studio, where she has an easel and wears a beret, standing in a sunny corner with the light bringing out specks of gold in her dark, dark brown hair, while I work at the desk, writing yet another best selling masterpiece for children.

“Another Pulitzer? You shouldn’t have. Come now, we have to give other people a chance! And do stop throwing money at me, darling, it’s getting to be trifle much.”

But that’s my little dream. Hers might be different.


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