Circus Acts

When someone mentions planning to work once their child enters Japanese preschool, I’m tempted to warn them that being a preschool mom here is a part-time job in and of itself. I guess different schools are different, and I suspect that Yokohama is worse than other places, where moms who work less than full time have about the same chance of getting into daycare that Frosty has surviving the weekend in Hades. But I digress.

Even without having a PTA role, for the past month (and the upcoming one,)I’ve spent three hours every Thursday and at least that much besides working on this graduation party bs.

Lord preserve us, it’s neverending.

At least I convinced them not to make the goddamn balloon arch. Though I may have taken substantial pleasure holding it for ransom for various reasons in the future.

Thus far the only good thing to come of this brouhaha is that I’ve made friends with a mom of triplets. Gotta give her some respect cause that must be a hard row to hoe.

Me Too has her school play Friday afternoon. The funky timing works out such that I have to miss my yoga class and put Me First into after care.

Constant juggling act. Maybe I can get a gig at the circus.


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