Real Bentos of Yokohama

Well, it’s official. Tomorrow, preschool goes to mornings only until the last day on Friday. So I am OFF daily bento duty. For the next three years, until Me First needs to take his lunch to junior high. I’m planning to let him make that himself, but I guess we shall see.

There will still be occasional bento for field trips, sports days, etc., but it won’t be a daily grind thing anymore.

Anyway, I took pictures of the last few days’ worth to share with you all what a real, everyday bento looks like. I know lots of people (including me,) tend to only share when they’ve done something special. But these are in chronological order, some better than others.

So, this day I overslept. Oops. Me Too got some chahan(fried rice,) and whatever else I could find in the fridge.

This day was a little better.

Me Too was supposed to go one field trip this day, so she asked for a sandwich. The trip got cancelled due to rain, but at least she finished her lunch.

I’m not one who is really into the whole cutesy bento thing, though it seems like lots of people are, but this one was for Girls Day. It was a surprise, and she said she enjoyed it.

Girls Day leftovers (nothing raw in this chirashi zushi, don’t worry!) And the chicken nuggets that we can’t seem to get through.

The black seaweed stuff is from the frozen section. One of Me Too’s favorites. I made the rabbit bunnies using a cookie cutter type thing for…making sausage bunnies. The rice is mixed with salmon flakes and spinach. Squeezing in veggies when I can!

Last but not least, heart shaped rice balls, more of those damn chicken nuggets, and some veg. The “candy cheese” is great for filling in those awkward corners.


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