Break It

Spring break thus far has been filled with sickness, followed by un-spring like weather.


It’s the one and only homework free break, and I had high hopes of spending half of the two weeks outside and splitting the other half between museums and the movie theater, while magically also managing to make school bags and write names on a million different school supplies.

But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

We spent the sick days followed by rainy days watching movies and eating okayu (rice porridge, kind of the chicken soup of Japan.)

Me First put on an impromptu interpretive dance recital for us. I followed with my own version. Me First threw up after both versions, though, so it’s hard to say which one she liked better. (Though I guess the “mommy boo” picture she drew afterwards may give us an indication.)

Looks like tomorrow will be the one and only nice day next week. So the sewing and stamping and scribbling can wait!


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