Some People

A young woman on the train shushed Me First several times today. Like got too close to him kind of shushing. He was talking too loud. I’d already asked him to turn the volume down. But it wasn’t to the point that it was a public nuisance, and it wasn’t as if I was ignoring the situation.

But what was a public nuisance was that there was nowhere for him to sit. The spaces by the doors where there are bars to hold onto were also occupied, so he was trying to hold onto the overhead hand straps. These are over MY head. He has to stand on tiptoe to reach them. That meant he was swinging to and fro like a monkey on a banana tree. But this woman, who was sitting down by the way, ignores this potentially dangerous situation and chooses to shush him. Board in your eye much?

Some people, eh? Wonder what her mother would say.


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  1. desikawa
    Mar 31, 2014 @ 21:00:20

    And the noise the gaggles of obasans make on public transport anyway. Nobody shushes them! How annoying for you.


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