The Power of Bacon

I haven’t done a recipe for a while, but this was easy (score!) and the kids ate it without any gag noises (extra point!) so I thought I would share.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I’m constantly struggling to find something green that my children will eat in amounts visible by the naked human eye. Broccoli, cucumbers, and iceberg lettuce dripping in sesame dressing go down well, but sometimes the adult palate needs something…. different. I’m not a huge fan of broccoli myself (shhhh, that’s mommy’s dirty little secret,) but my kids will eat it. One way only, steamed in MY microwave on 600watts at 4 minutes 10 seconds. Certainly no less, and god forbid you should leave it in longer or not throw the water out straight away.

Part of the lack of green options, I’ll blame on Japan. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, kids here are programmed to hate green peppers and celery. It’s on every kid’s sh!t list. Never mind that they liked it fine before they started preschool, now they have been thoroughly brainwashed to hate them both.

Part of it is my husband’s fault. He won’t eat zucchini or Brussels sprouts. Both are expensive here and not regularly available, so that isn’t a huge problem, but when I do find them I have to break out my mental scale and weight the pros of eating something different for a change vs listening to my husband sigh and sulk over his dinner.

Did I mention I’m not a fan of broccoli but manage to eat it almost every damn day without sulking over my din din?



Of course, it is also partly my fault because I have a PTSD relationship with green beans. Snap beans, string beans, they all send me into a fetal position, hugging my knees and rocking on the floor.

Oh, do I need to explain that? We grew them by the bushel growing up, changed into our “poor kid clothes,” and sold them on the side of the road. I presume that is enough of an explanation.

Basically, the other things available here are spinach, asparagus, and cabbage. Japanese cuisine, in general, does veggies really well. But asparagus is a challenge. I mean, it looks like a spear (good!) but tastes like wood (not so good.) My kids hate it.

But Me Too loves bacon, and Me First loves cheese.

So, being the evil genius that I am, I put all those together. I sautéed the asparagus on olive oil with bacon (bear in mind that Japanese bacon is thicker cut than the North American variety, but I think that would work, too.) Then in the final seconds I added some tomatoes (cut higgledy piggledy, cause that’s how I roll,) and added some grated Parmesan and salt.

The whole thing took about two minutes. Of course it took ten times as long to convince the little “foodies” to taste it, but in the end they ate it. Brother even admitted that it didn’t taste like puke.

Ah, the power of bacon!


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