The Thirty Minute Difference

On Wednesdays, school ends at 2. This is an hour and a half early for Me First, and after a late (by Hamakko family standards) night of karate on Tuesday, he needs the break.

The time difference is less dramatic for our just-started-school Little Miss. She gets home thirty minutes early. But, man, those thirty minutes make a big difference!

She did her homework today without crying and carrying on and general raising of Cain. The highlight of homework time yesterday was when she turned over a chair and put a crack in the wooden floorboard. Whether this is a testament to her super human strength or to the general flimsiness of Japanese construction, I don’t care to venture.

Today she just got on with it. Which was good, considering I was holding my breath in anticipation. Luckily we didn’t need the silver crucifix tonight.

Of course, tomorrow, as Scarlet says, is another day. I’ll keep it handy.

It is now 5:50. Homework is done, dinner is eaten, laundry is folded and put away. Bath, story, bed and I can tuck this one in.

Maybe tomorrow will go as smoothly, but I’m not planning on it.


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