It’s just the way the ball bounces sometimes. Instead of a reasonable (ie remotely humanly possible) sustainable amount of activity spread out over the course of the week, everything gets crammed into one day.

Back-to-back excitement all day tomorrow, with a friendly lunch sandwiched in for both physical and mental sustenance. Then of course both kids need to go to the doctor, one I knew about and planned for but could only get an appointment at tomorrow, which is in jeopardy because Me First chose a really sh!tty time to hurt his foot.

That sounds totally cruel, and trust me that I have not expressed it that way to him. But, honestly, the kid hurt his foot on his way to karate class, which lest we forget is directly after Me Too’s class, as in I needed to be picking her up while this injury is going down. And then? God only knows why, but he pretended to be fine on Wednesday. Wednesday- when I could have taken him to the doctor. Thursday? Doc is not open. Sister’s appointment tomorrow is a 20 minute walk away, after after-school care is closed. Which I chose because there is a school wide PTA meeting tomorrow afternoon. So A depends on B being able to walk at least a mile there. Maybe we can catch a taxi back. Such is the joy of urban life.

Which brings me to a vital point I think I have failed to mention: yours truly is the first grade class rep.

I’ll wait until you finish laughing…

All done?

So the key to this madness is preparation. Prepared madness is always better than the usual kind. The injured foot has resulted in both kids missing their swimming class. Brother can’t walk or ride his bike there, and there’s no one to watch him while I take Sister or to take Sister for me. So, I’m going to use the unexpected time at home to attempt to make monkey bread from Costco rolls this afternoon. That should make a fun breakfast that doesn’t require lots of time in the morning. Then I hope to put a breakfast casserole together for tomorrow’s dinner.

That’s right- breakfast for dinner. Things are getting silly at the Hamakko house.

Tonight, HRH doesn’t need dinner so we are having frozen pizza! Quite a treat. I can’t remember the last time we did that.

So I’ll get to it and refuse to think about the messy overlap awaiting me tomorrow. If we’re out all day, at least the house may stay clean.

Ha! Don’t worry, I don’t really believe that.


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