What’s for dinner

I’ve mentioned before about my loathing for green beans. I do feel kind of guilty that my kids have hardly ever eaten them because a) I hate them b)they’re expensive in Japan and c)I hate them. So when I saw this recipe on Japanese TV for “caramel black sesame pork,” I decided to give it a try.

Originally, it called for snap peas. But there weren’t any at the store, so I went with the suggested replacement. There weren’t any fresh green beans, so I used frozen.

I also didn’t write the recipe down, but I remembered the main points. These were 1)butter and 2)sugar.

Just a reminder not to believe everything you hear about how healthy Japanese cuisine is!

The first step was to make a kind of caramel sauce from the butter and sugar, but I was in a hurry so…I melted the butter, stirred in some sugar, then added the pork. After that had pretty much cooked through, I added the still frozen beans and onions. At some point I put in some cooking sake. Then when it all looked done, a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce and some crushed black sesame.

All of the green bean haters managed to eat it (cut up and served on rice for the children.) Of course, since I didn’t really measure anything I may never be able to produce it again. But I think as long as you get the butter and sugar, you’ll probably be okay.


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