Tokyo Legoland

The kids had school on Saturday, and therefore had Monday off.

I know, right?

I decided to take advantage of a perhaps less crowded weekday and take the kids to Legoland. It’s in Odaiba, which is on the bay in Tokyo. That means it’s a total pain in the ass to get to. We ended up taking a bus from Yokohama station so we wouldn’t have to deal with the trains at rush hour. The train to Yokohama was bad enough!

If, for whatever reason (like temporary insanity) you decide to take your children (or yourself. They have a grown-ups only evening event)to Legoland, then save yourself some hassle and some money and buy the mae-uri ticket online. I asked HRH to do this at work since we don’t have a printer at home, and he forgot.


At opening time, the people with tickets already got to go in right at ten. We scum without tickets were wrangled into a separate line. They didn’t even open the rope for us until 10:15. We languished in line for a good 25 minutes, despite being third from the front. There were giant lego man silhouettes on the wall and buckets of lego so the kids were occurred. But seriously if I had been PMSing that day it would have been baaad, y’all.

When we finally got in, the first area was a pseudo lego factory. This was mildly entertaining. Then there was a ride. You ride in a chariot and shoot up bad guys in an attempt to rescue the princess. DD especially was into this. I thought it was kind of lame, and not just because DS got more points than me.

Then there was a room which, basically, was Tokyo made out of lego. The lights faded every few minutes to become Tokyo at night made out of lego.

At some point there was a giant lego dragon and a lego motorcycle.

Then on the next floor was a super fantastic play area. This being Japan, most of the parents walked off and left their kids to survive as best they could. I was trying to watch mine, but they kept going off in different directions and I lost them both in about six seconds. Luckily, there was only one exit.

Me First appeared hungry and sweaty(like gross sweaty,) but as luck would have it, the play area was by the cafe. Which was crowded. And small. But we managed to get a table by miraculous intervention.

I’d read reviews in Japanese complaining that the cafe menu was too limited and mostly snacky type stuff, but to my undiscerning American palette, it was fine. Overpriced, but they had coffee so I forgive them. Me Too got an onigiri bento. Me First got curry. I had a sandwich. We shared some chips. Everyone got a drink and it came to 2500yen.

The ‘4D’ Chima movie was next. This was the highlight of our trip; both kids said it was their favorite.

There was another ride, one of those round and round things. Then several lego areas: duplo (zoo themed,) a section where you build a racecar and run it down ramps and things, then a ‘Lego Friends’ girly section.

Me Too was really excited about the girly stuff, but they weren’t the actual sets and didn’t have the girl figures, so she got bored very quickly.

Me First was really into the racecar stuff, but by this time Sister was bored and hungry.

Of course you have to go through the gift shop to get out. They had a small section where you can build your own figurines, 3 for 1000yen. So we escaped relatively unscathed.

If it was closer, we might go again, but considering the distance, I won’t suggest it again.


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