Feeding your child after a tonsillectomy

Me Too had her tonsils out 7 days ago. I’ve been sitting here, google-ing, trying to find something yummy to feed her (she is sick to death of ice cream and jell-o,) with no luck. So I’m writing this post, hoping it may help someone else or spark people to share some ideas.

In the hospital, (this is in Japan, mind you,) she was given rice porridge at basically every meal, and by day 3 she was good and tired of it. I can’t say I blame her, it wasn’t flavored with anything! They also had various kinds of tofu, which she doesn’t like much to start with, a salmon mousse (she loved that,) steamed fish (meh,) shrimp “meat balls,” which she also liked, and cabbage stuffed with ground beef in tomato sauce. (The sauce was too sour and hurt her throat, but she ate the parts with no sauce.)

The things she really liked, like the salmon mousse and the shrimp balls, I can’t make at home because our blender is broken. I really should have taken care of that before she went into the hospital…(Does anyone remember HRH insisting on a homemade pumpkin pie last year? It turned into a two day process, broken blender, and is still biting me in the ass now. This year I am absolutely just picking up a pie from Costco. If he suggests otherwise? Let’s just say I have been practicing The Look in the mirror, and I’m pretty it sure it can slay dragons now.)

The day we got back from the hospital (day 6 post surgery here, which I know is a lot later than in most other countries,) Me Too wanted scrambled eggs and bread. The doctor had told us bread was okay if it was moistened and without crusts. So I made fluffy scrambled eggs (a bit more milk than usual, and then stirred them in the frying pan with an upward stroking motion to encourage lots of air bubbles. Cooking chopsticks are great for this, btw.) I had some spinach soup pack things like Me Too likes, so I had her dip the bread in that. That went down well.

Dinner that night was a consome-base veggie soup with ground beef and mac-and-cheese. Boiled the noodles a bit longer than usual and cut them up small. She loved both of those!

The next morning was more soup and mushi pan, a kind of sweet steamed bread. This is great because it is soft but has lots of calories!

Lunch was French toast and mashed potatoes. I let the bread soak in the egg mix for a bit, and cooked it on low heat so it was kind of soft and soggy. The mashed potatoes may have gone over better if I hadn’t mixed in spinach. What can I say, I’m a mom! I have an innate need to mix veggies into everything.

For dinner, we had chicken and cheese risotto. I used ground chicken instead of the chunky stuff, sautéed that with some onions and peas, added rice and chicken stock, and let it boil it for what seems like ages until the rice was soupy. I used half brown and half white, which in retrospect may not have been a fantastic idea because brown takes longer to cook. But again, have mom, will mix. Before serving, mixed in some cream cheese which gave it a nice creamy texture.

Brekkie today was the leftover risotto, but she wouldn’t eat it this morning, even though/perhaps because she gobbled it up like a madwoman last night. I ended up giving her a boiled egg. She likes to dip them in sugar. Weird, I know, but she ate the whole thing.

I have some alphabet noodles in the cupboard, so I think I’ll attempt that with a veggie-rific meat sauce for lunch. I usually use canned tomatoes for this, but I don’t think that will go over well, so today I’ll just buy a spice mix.

Dinner will be meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I’ll leave the spinach out this time, but only because meatloaf is a great hider of all sorts of healthy stuff. Luckily, my kids think meatloaf is a treat. We don’t get it much here in J-land.

Breakfast, breakfast…. Any ideas? Was thinking about a rice porridge mixed with salmon flakes and veggies, but she is sooo sick of rice porridge that I’m afraid it may end up on my head. She doesn’t like oatmeal, and I don’t think they have cream of wheat here. I tried to give her some applesauce, but she’s never had it before and wouldn’t lower herself to try it.

All in all, we’re lucky we had the mac-and-cheese and short noodles in the cabinet. I didn’t realize it would be several weeks before she could eat regular food, just like I didn’t realize I would be basically chained to her hospital bed the entire week she was there.

Great find in the baby section: microwave “donuts.” Soft and sweet!


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  1. Beth Marsh
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 10:01:08

    Grits! The child needs grits!

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