Quiet on the Homefront

Everyone is finally gone to school and work today. Well, at least for the morning. Me Too’s teacher had a minor freak-out when I told her over the phone yesterday that Me Too is not allowed to use straws yet (apparently sucking like that puts strain on the throat muscles,) and would need to pour her milk into a cup at lunch time.

Cue teeth sucking noise and saying she needs to see if that is okay.

I said actually I would prefer Me Too to come home at lunch time, what with having just been given the okay to eat regular foods yesterday, I’d like to keep an eye on her and make sure she is not in pain.

That seemed to be a relief to the teacher, who readily agreed that it was better not to overdo it.

So now I have to make lunch. Damn. But at least it can be regular food now, so things won’t be so labor intensive.


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