I’ve got the man-group out of the house for an hour, participating in the neighborhood park clean-up while us females take a breather.

HRH was pissed because he thinks Me Too should have gone, too, but it starts at 8am, and Daddy didn’t think it was important enough for him to get up early. Between making brekkie for everyone (of course it has to be a proper breakfast, no toast or oatmeal here,) and doing laundry and whatnot I didn’t have enough time to fix her hair and everything before the 8am meet-up. Not to mention BOTH kids are using meds to combat allergic conjunctivitis (ie the current bain of my existence.) Me Too’s is acting up today, and I don’t think a rummage through the leaves and garbage is the best idea. But, you know, the other first-grade girl will be there and, um, it like looks bad.

HRH should know by now that particular line does not work on me.

The other first grade girl is an only child and lives with her grandma and parents. They have another set of hands helping out in the morning, and fewer children to get ready. Not the same thing now, is it?

No, if he really wanted to make an unflattering comparison, he should have chosen the other first grade boy. He’s the youngest of three, and his mom will have sent the oldest to junior high with his lunch and the other two will be packed up with three rice balls apiece before they get to the park at 8am with their little league baseball gear in tow, together with their mom who is already dressed and out of the house, while the dad is still peacefully snoozing away in bed.

But she doesn’t take any crap from her husband and doesn’t make his breakfast, so perhaps there is a reason HRH has not chosen them to berate me with this morning.

But the allergic conjunctivitis is a thing, y’all, and it ain’t good. Both kids have it, but Me Too’s seems to be worse. She was born with a blocked tear duct, and in spite of a scary encounter at the hospital with a large needle to help fix it, it still doesn’t drain as well as it should, which makes her susceptible to eye infections anyway. So as soon as we got over the tonsil trauma, it’s been all eye gunk, all the time. Could have had her adenoids removed make the situation worse? I don’t know.

Me First has always had allergies this time of year, but the pink-eye is a new phenomenon. Lucky us.

Other things have been going on, of course, but I thought I’d gross you out this morning. Back to my coffee!

I wrote and article for World Moms Blog this week. If you need more HamakkoMommy, then pop over there for a gander. I’ll be blogging more this week, I promise.


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  1. gaijinwife
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 04:10:07

    It still floors me that you are expected to make a proper hot Japanese breakfast every morning! Legend.


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