Headless Fowl Syndrome

Are kids in schools in other parts of the world prone to suddenly running around like headless fowl in the mornings searching for things they must have for school that day, things that could easily be prepared if the parental unit was informed more than five minutes ahead of time?

We had a particular feather ruffling episode this morning, in stereo. Me Too remembered the night before that he was supposed to plant flowers in the park with his class this morning. He had a list of things he needed to bring, and he assured me he had them all ready. But come 7:50am, it becomes apparent that preparation had all just been mental imaging or something. Grr.

Cue Sister suddenly remembering that she needs two boxes and a toilet roll. I ended up letting her destroy my aluminum foil instead of desecrating the toilet paper.

No sooner had I got Brother sorted out (with a pink gardening spade, much to his horror,) then Sister starts in again, suddenly remembering that she needs to take her plant to school. The plant that has been here since summer vacation, it turns out, was supposed to go back to school. Shit. I should have known that; now that I think about it Brother used the same planter two years in a row. “Surely another day or two won’t hurt?” I suggest. I mean, it’s been six weeks. And the planter is heavy. I’ll have to carry it, and I’m still in my pjs. And, I couldn’t make this up, I swear to god at this particular moment it started to rain. Torrentially.


We set off (in the rain,) and halfway to school I wonder aloud what Me First’s class will do since it is raining and they obviously can’t plant flowers.

“Oh, I had a schedule and a list of books to bring in case it rained.”

Instinct told me that I really shouldn’t ask, but I couldn’t resist.

“Did you bring any of those?”

Blank stare. Blink. Blank stare.

At this point we were at school, so I just let it go.

Then I noticed that there were tables set out in the foyer. “What is this?” I wondered, but as I approached a feeling of dread slowly swept over me, starting at my toes and working it’s way up my spine.

Observation week. When parents are supposed to go watch classes every day five days in a row, started last Friday.


I suppose the headless fowl syndrome might be hereditary.


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  1. Xana
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 21:31:24

    Parents are supposed to go watch classes 5 days in a row?!? Don’t any of the parents have jobs?

    Oh the number of times I have been informed at 7:10 (the kids leave at 7:15) that “Oops, I forgot to tell you, I need at least 10 boxes of different shapes, not all rectangles today.” “Mom, where is the extra calligraphy paper and ink?” Etc. the end result being my hoarding tendencies are on hyperdrive, must save all unusually shaped boxes, stock spares of every imaginable school supply…

    Of course, this problem might be solved if the school told the parents, rather than entrusting the kids to pass on this vital information.


  2. hamakkomommy
    Oct 21, 2014 @ 22:23:22

    I think the idea is to pop in and out when you want to or when you can. But of course the younger kids don’t understand that and all they see is “My mommy isn’t here!” I think when Y was in first grade I made an effort to go for a few minutes every day. This year, well, I forgot about it and have other things to do. I went for a few minutes today, might go for a bit on Thursday since we have parent teacher meetings right after school anyway.


  3. Sophelia
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 05:42:56

    On Friday my third grader had an excursion. I was working late Thursday so just before bed I asked if he was all packed and ready. “Oh, I left everything at school to make sure I wouldn’t forget it tomorrow!” “Are you going to school before you get on the bus in the morning?” Blink. Blink.
    Yeah, I know this feeling ;)


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