Monster Creation

We went out to eat after English school yesterday. Me First, as is his habit lately, ordered an adult sized meal. It came with a drink. With a twinkle in his eye (and maybe a song in his heart, I’m not sure since I wasn’t privy to that part,) he ordered a hot coffee.

Um, ???

HRH looked at me as if to pass the buck. He could have it, fine, I agreed. But he couldn’t use more than two sugar cubes. I figured if he didn’t finish it, I would. Take one for the team and all that, rah rah. Such hardship.

But I’ll be damned that kid drank the whole coffee like a pro.

Today when we took MIL out for Mother’s Day, he ordered an “afternoon tea” blend. Again, ???

What have we done? Is this a monster in the making? He’s too young to responsibly handle the caffeine addiction that will result from this behavior. Heck, I can’t deal with the fallout! World Peace is in imminent danger every morning until I get my coffee, we can’t go doubling that. It isn’t fair to the rest of Planet Earth.

Finally I told him he had to keep it to one a week. Caffeine stunts your growth, or so the old wive’s tale goes. Plus I can’t afford it if he starts ordering lattes on our weekly coffee dates instead of having a donut with milk.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachele
    May 10, 2015 @ 22:05:55

    My two year old started showing a lot of interest in my morning coffee a few months ago, ultimately demanding some. It was cold by that point–not lukewarm, cold, and I put a lot of milk (but no sugar) in it. And because I’d recently seen one of those NYT photo montage pieces about “what kids eat for breakfast around the world” and noticed that Brazilian kids grow up drinking milky coffee (and because I didn’t think he’d actually like it), I gave him a sip. He *loved* it and is now always asking for coffee. (Probably my fault for continuing my latte-a-day habit while I was pregnant.) It’s great that your son wants to try new things (and there’s something really adorable about him ordering an “afternoon tea blend”!). Maybe you can get him drinking herbal teas?! At least he’s not drinking several sodas a day like so many kids his age in the States…


  2. Jane Miller
    May 10, 2015 @ 22:09:28

    So funny! Most kids I know would have spit the coffee out making horrified faces! Your son has good taste anyway! The once a week was a good solution!


  3. xanaxjunkee
    May 16, 2015 @ 02:06:22

    We grew up being served coffee with our meals. Incidentally, I am not a coffee drinker. I have some on rare occasion, usually when I am with my mother. My step-son started asking for coffee and as I grew up with it, I saw no problem with him having a cup. Turns out my husband was NOT raised that way. But since I was, he lets him have his cup on the weekends if he gets up early enough on his own to have breakfast. The in-laws don’t take kindly to me giving “uppers” to my step-son. If you ask me it’s way better than giving him sugar drinks or worse sodapop!


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