Oh, the agony that is fifth grade homework! Like Barbie says, “Math is hard.” Especially when you insist on doing it spread across every horizontal surface in the living room, with both the TV and the computer/radio on, and get right up in your sister’s face and flick eraser bits at her.

He had the TV on in Japanese and the music in English…. I don’t know how that works. I can’t process both at the same time like that. Actually, I can’t even speak one language when there is background music in the other. (I assume this is the test of a true bilingual versus a flakey old fakety fake like myself. Fluent perhaps, but not totally bilingual.) And then to do math with all that going on? I mean it was numbers and (shudder) decimals.

Me Too escaped to her room with her dollies. Then she wouldn’t let me join.


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