Frustration of Forgetfulness

Frustration. At Me First, for never remembering anything and thinking nothing of having every woman in the family running after him all the time. I won’t have him turn out like that!

This morning I asked him several times to get ready. By several I mean, of course, close to a hundred. With varying levels of intensity.

The plan was pretty simple. He needed to load his backpack, go to school to water the flowers, meet Me Too and me en route to the station. Stop at Station A for my Japanese lesson, then on to Station B for the dentist. He had an orthodontist appointment at the same time Sister would be getting her teeth cleaned.

Except he didn’t put his retainer in his backpack, which defeats the entire purpose of this outing. Perhaps some would say I’m at fault for not physically checking his backpack before we left. That certainly would have avoided this whole situation, but I had my hands full dealing with breakfast and laundry and everyone’s crap, plus HRH’s man cold. I wasn’t on top of my game this morning. Then there is the principle at stake: I cannot physically manage to do everything, nor can I mentally keep track of it. The sooner everyone comes to grip with this glaring defect of female human existence and starts managing their own s.h.i.t. the better it will be for all involved.

We realized halfway there that the retainer was still at home. I changed Brother’s appointment to later in the day, but can’t change Sister’s, so the options are to a)run back and forth like mad or b)ask MIL to pick up the retainer and bring it to us while Sister is at the dentist.

The speed and ease with which he chose option B pissed me off, to be honest. No sense of remorse at having caused all this trouble; no embarrassment at asking others to cover for him. Again.

I was tempted to make him get the things himself, but I’m not confident he could manage two trains alone, much less remember to lock the door on the way out. Cancelling the appointment means wasting another precious day of summer vacation…. Screw the principle and go with convenience it is, then.

It just makes matters worse that his backpack is chock full of toys and comic books…


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