Field Trip!

It doesn’t happen very often, but today both kids needed to take lunch.

Well, in actuality it’s the second time in two weeks, and the first lunch was more involved. Last time I made hamburgers and pumpkin because Me First asked for them. This time I forgot about lunch when I was at the store. Oopsie.

I also confused Me Too’s field trip and observation days, so I spent a good chunk of this morning searching for picnic sheets and hand wiping thingies. Apparently wet tissues are not acceptable. Who knew? I sent Brother with those every time and never got The Look for it. I now suspect he just didn’t wash his hands…

Both kids just went to parks in the neighborhood, though not the same place. Everyone was tired enough to spend a quiet afternoon at home, though they don’t seem to want to go to bed yet.

Hope they go down easy. I have a few hours to myself and several episodes of Dance Moms to work through.


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